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Brexit Deal Full Agreement

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Brexit Deal Full Agreement

On December 24, 2020, the United Kingdom and the European Union finally reached a Brexit deal full agreement, marking the end of a long and contentious negotiation process that lasted for several years. After months of back-and-forth discussions, the two sides were able to come to a consensus on a range of issues, from trade to security to fishing rights.

So, what exactly does the Brexit deal full agreement entail? Here are some of the key points:

Trade: The agreement establishes a free trade agreement between the UK and the EU, which will allow for the continued movement of goods and services between the two regions without the imposition of tariffs or quotas. This is a significant development, as many feared that a no-deal Brexit would lead to a disruption of trade flows and economic chaos.

Security: The agreement also includes provisions for cooperation on security and law enforcement, including the sharing of information and intelligence to combat terrorism and other serious crime.

Fishing: One of the most contentious issues in the negotiations was fishing rights, as many EU countries rely heavily on access to UK waters. The agreement establishes a framework for fishing quotas and access rights, with the UK regaining control of its waters while allowing for continued access for EU fleets.

Governance: The deal sets up a system for future cooperation and dispute resolution between the UK and the EU, including the establishment of a Joint Partnership Council to oversee the implementation of the agreement.

Overall, the Brexit deal full agreement represents a significant milestone for both the UK and the EU, as it provides a degree of certainty and stability for businesses, workers, and citizens on both sides of the channel. While there are still many challenges ahead as the two sides adjust to the new reality of a post-Brexit world, the deal provides a foundation for future cooperation and collaboration between the UK and its European neighbors.